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A Death in Devon (Sugar Martin Vintage Mysteries) by Shéa MacLeod

It’s 1948 and a murder at a house party in Devon, England sends an American heiress and her snarky Corgi on a hunt for a killer.

Cozy Keywords: manor house mystery, whodunnit, murder mystery, English countryside, dog


Divided we Fall (A WW2 Sussex Crime novella) by Isabella Muir

Christmas 1939 was a Christmas like no other. With war declared just a few months ago, any thoughts of celebration are overshadowed with worries about loved ones who have gone off to fight. And it is not just those who are fighting who are a cause for concern. When Philip discovers his best friend, Ronnie, is missing he knows that it is up to him to track him down. Winter has arrived with a vengeance and the heavy snowfall makes the search difficult, even worse when there is the blackout to cope with.

Cozy Keywords: WW2, friendship, family


Death in Paris by Kate Darroch

After their men do the dirty on them, Màiri and her BFF head for Europe, to enjoy new places. First stop, Paris! But oh no! The very first day Lianna is locked up in jail, charged with murder! Helped by the enigmatic Major Peverel (who has his own agenda) can Màiri find the real killer and save Lianna?

Cozy Keywords: International Crime, Paris, Scotland


Royally Dispatched by Kathryn Mykel

Royally Dispatched is a fun first in series, cozy mystery with a historical nod. If you like crafty sleuths, animal sidekicks and a gang of amateur detectives, then you’ll love P.C. James and Kathryn Mykel’s Duchess of Snodsbury Series.

Cozy Keywords: international, historical, dog/pet


Murder at the Village Fete (Tommy & Evelyn Christie mysteries Book 2) by Catherine Coles

Evelyn Christie’s newfound life of luxury comes to a screeching halt when the local Member of Parliament is found dead in the stream on the grounds of her picturesque Hessleham Hall home. Evelyn, the new Lady Northmoor, joins forces with her gallant husband Tommy to uncover the murderer before they strike again. But with the village fete quickly approaching, they’ll have to act fast if they want to save the day. If you enjoy books by Verity Bright, Benedict Brown, and Lynn Morrison, then you’ll love the Tommy & Evelyn Christie mysteries!

Cozy Keywords: English country cozy mystery, 1920s cozy mystery


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