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May's Featured Author Shéa MacLeod

Lifestyles of the Witch and Ageless

A paranormal women’s fiction cozy mystery – because midlife can be a real witch!

There are a lot of things people never told you about being forty-something. Sure, they mentioned the hot flashes and reading glasses and the need for Kegels, but they never talked about fireballs sprouting from your fingertips or your sudden ability to turn rat-bastards into, well, actual rats.

Which is why it comes as something of a surprise to Juniper when—at the tender age of 46—she discovers that not only has she inherited a quirky house in an even quirkier town called Miracle Bay from a relation she had no idea existed, but she also develops magical powers. Because, apparently, she’s a witch. Something her parents sort of forgot to tell her.

With her life turned upside down, a new start in a new town is just what Juniper needs, and the strange bookstore her grandmother left her might be exactly the right opportunity. But beyond her inheritance and sudden affinity for tarot cards, there’s something strange afoot in Miracle Bay. A mystery Juniper is determined to solve before her newfound freedom vanishes along with her life.

A brand new paranormal women’s fiction series from the best selling author of Lady Rample Mysteries and Sunwalker Saga.

Get ready for some midlife magic!

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