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March's Featured Author is Lucy Carol!

Hot Scheming Mess

Secrets, spies, sexy guys. Staying alive is hard!

In this fast-paced mystery, out-of-work actress Madison Cruz runs an obstacle course of singing telegrams and spies as she tries to connect with her FBI mother, yet hide evidence for her grandfather. Hilarious friends aren’t helping even though they really, really, try to! As the mystery heats up, so does her attraction to a couple of steamy guys she just met. With two to choose from you’d think Madison could have double the fun. But she can’t think about that right now because the enemy is right behind her.

A humorous mystery, laced with romantic comedy.

Kill the Crazy

Can’t a girl get a pedicure without someone trying to kill her?

Question: When is it time for a relaxing spa with your FBI mom, and KGB grandmother?
Answer: When they’ve been trying to outshoot each other.
But when Madison discovers the spa employees are not who they seem, things go from dangerous, to deadly!

A humorous mystery, laced with romantic comedy.

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